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Accomplishment Journal

Track and manage your accomplishments over the year for free.

Bullet / Comment Generator

Relieve brainfog when and hassle when formatting your accomplishments.

Award Generator

Give recognition and make your soldiers stand out for their outstanding performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We totally understand that you might have some questions for us. Here are some common ones we see. If you still have questions feel free to reach out to us.

What is EvalGenie?

EvalGenie revolutionizes Army performance evaluations with an AI-powered service, easing the process for NCOs, Officers, and Warrant Officers. Founded by Army National Guard members, we're a supportive community helping service members excel.

Why choose EvalGenie?

With the new NCOER/OER system in place, it is a career killer to use generic, bland, boilerplate bullets or comments to describe your performance. We don't do that here. We take your real-world accomplishments and turn them into copy-and-paste-ready bullets that would make any Senior Leader proud.

How does it Work?

Upon account creation, you will get limited access to explore the available features. The Accomplishment Journal will always be free to use as long as you have an account. Once the trial period is over, you can choose from one of our two plans. Both plans allow you to utilize all available tools within the platform, depending on your needs.

Is my information Safe?

We consistently consult with Infrastructure, Developer, and Security consultants to ensure EvalGenie is safe. Our team constantly improves EvalGenie to maintain compliance with best practices and standards. We regularly back up and secure your data both at rest and in transit. Additionally, we have policies in place to remove data that is no longer needed for the successful utilization of current and future services.

Can I Trust EvalGenie?

EvalGenie is owned, operated, maintained, and hosted in the United States. The founder and Managing Member is a current United States Army National Guard Veteran with 17 years of service. His roles both within the military and civilian employment consist of Cyber Security, Cyber Operations, and AI Development.

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