Acceptable Use Policy

To guarantee a secure and dependable experience for all users, EvalGenie has established an Acceptable Use Policy. Your creation of an account signifies your agreement to comply with these guidelines.

1. Purpose of the Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for EvalGenie encompasses all individuals who access or use the EvalGenie web application, including but not limited to U.S. Army service members, administrative personnel, and authorized users who utilize the platform for, but not limited to, tracking accomplishments, generating Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER) bullets, and Officer Evaluation Report (OER) comments. This policy governs the use of the EvalGenie application, its associated services, and any connected networks or resources. The provisions of this AUP apply to all users regardless of their role or location and extend to all forms of data, whether stored electronically or transmitted through the application, ensuring the secure, reliable, and ethical use of EvalGenie's digital environment.

2. Scope of the Policy

The AUP for EvalGenie delineates the standards and guidelines under which users may access and utilize the EvalGenie application and its associated resources. This policy applies to all features and services provided by EvalGenie, intended for the creation, management, and review of performance evaluations specifically for U.S. Army service members. Acceptable use, as defined by this policy, ensures that all interactions with the EvalGenie system are conducted professionally, ethically, and in a manner that safeguards the integrity and confidentiality of the data, upholds the privacy of all users, and maintains the functionality and security of the system. Users must engage with the application solely for its intended purposes, respecting the bounds of their respective roles and permissions, and must not attempt to access or distribute information beyond their purview. This policy underscores our commitment to compliance with relevant laws and regulations, promoting a secure and efficient environment for our users to track and document their professional achievements.

3. Definition of Acceptable Use

The definition of acceptable use within the EvalGenie application specifies the appropriate and intended use of the system and its resources. Acceptable use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Performance Tracking and Evaluation:
  • Utilizing EvalGenie to document and track individual and team accomplishments, manage evaluation reports, and facilitate the fair and accurate assessment of U.S. Army service members.

  • Data Entry and Retrieval:
  • Inputting, accessing, and retrieving data for legitimate and authorized purposes in line with assigned roles and responsibilities within the scope of military performance evaluations.

  • Information Sharing:
  • Sharing evaluation-related information through EvalGenie with authorized individuals in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and organizational policies.

  • Resource Utilization:
  • Using EvalGenie’s resources, including computational and network capabilities, in an efficient and responsible manner that supports the application’s purpose and functionality.

  • Professional Communication:
  • Engaging in professional and respectful communication within EvalGenie's platform, consistent with military standards and organizational decorum.

  • Security Compliance:
  • Adhering to established security protocols, including password management and data protection measures, to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the application.

  • Policy Adherence:
  • Complying with this AUP, as well as related policies and procedures, to ensure the proper and ethical use of EvalGenie.

Acceptable use is designed to support the primary goals of EvalGenie in serving U.S. Army service members and their evaluators, fostering an environment of integrity, accountability, and excellence. Users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes these principles and to avoid any actions that could compromise the effectiveness or security of the platform.

4. Prohibited Actions

Prohibited actions within the EvalGenie platform are defined to ensure the security of our systems and the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data. Users of EvalGenie are expressly forbidden from engaging in activities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Unauthorized Access:
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to EvalGenie’s systems or data, including any form of hacking or bypassing user authentication mechanisms.

  • Misuse of Information:
  • Disclosing, sharing, or using sensitive data from EvalGenie, such as personal information of service members or performance evaluations, for any unauthorized purposes.

  • Malicious Activities:
  • Introducing malicious software or viruses, conducting denial-of-service attacks, or engaging in any activity that can harm EvalGenie’s services, infrastructure, or users.

  • Misrepresentation:
  • Falsifying one’s identity or manipulating data to misrepresent performance evaluations or any other information within the EvalGenie platform.

  • Non-Compliance:
  • Violating any federal laws, regulations, or military directives that govern the handling of performance evaluations and personally identifiable information.

  • Resource Misuse:
  • Utilizing EvalGenie resources, such as server capacity or bandwidth, for unauthorized or non-official purposes, including personal gain.

  • Destructive Behavior:
  • Conducting or attempting any action that could disrupt the integrity, continuity, or business operations of EvalGenie.

Adherence to these prohibitions is mandatory, and violations will be addressed promptly and may lead to disciplinary action, including revocation of access to EvalGenie, and when necessary, legal action.

5. Enforcement and Consequences

The effective enforcement of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is fundamental to maintaining the security and reliability of the EvalGenie web application. Compliance with this AUP is mandatory for all users, and violations are subject to the following enforcement actions and consequences:

  • Monitoring and Investigation:
  • EvalGenie reserves the right to monitor system activity and resource usage to ensure compliance with this AUP. If misuse or a breach of this policy is suspected, EvalGenie may investigate and review relevant user data and activity logs.

  • Immediate Suspension:
  • In the event of a serious policy violation or as required to protect the integrity and security of the platform, EvalGenie may immediately suspend user access without prior notice.

  • Formal Warnings:
  • Minor infractions may result in formal warnings and a request to cease any prohibited behavior. Users must comply with any corrective steps outlined by EvalGenie.

  • Permanent Revocation of Access:
  • Repeated violations or severe breaches of this AUP will result in the permanent revocation of access to the EvalGenie application. Affected users will be informed of the decision and the reasons for it.

  • Legal Action:
  • If a violation of this AUP constitutes a criminal offense or civil wrongdoing, EvalGenie may pursue legal action against the offender to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  • Reporting to Authorities:
  • In cases where unauthorized access to sensitive or classified data has occurred, EvalGenie will report such incidents to the appropriate authorities and fully cooperate with any ensuing investigation or legal process.

  • Restitution and Recovery:
  • Users may be held responsible for any costs incurred by EvalGenie in connection with the violation, including but not limited to, the restoration of affected systems and data, and legal costs or penalties.

Users are expected to report any violations of this AUP to the EvalGenie administration. It is the responsibility of each user to understand and adhere to this AUP. Ignorance of these rules will not be considered an excuse for non-compliant behavior. This policy is subject to periodic review and update, and continued use of EvalGenie after such changes will constitute acceptance of the revised AUP.

6. Review and Update Procedures

To ensure that the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) remains effective and relevant, EvalGenie is committed to a process of regular review and update. This process is designed to address the evolving needs of our platform, the users, and the dynamic landscape of cyber security and regulatory compliance.

  • Regular Review Schedule:
  • The AUP will be reviewed on a biannual basis. Additional reviews may be conducted as necessary in response to significant system updates, security incidents, or changes in legal or regulatory requirements.

  • Change Notification:
  • Users will be notified of any changes to the AUP with adequate notice before the implementation of the new policy. This notice will be provided via the EvalGenie platform’s announcement system or through direct communication methods, such as email.

  • Documentation and Access:
  • Updated versions of the AUP will be clearly documented, with changes or additions highlighted. The most current version of the AUP will be accessible at all times on the EvalGenie platform.

  • User Acknowledgement:
  • Upon significant updates, users may be required to re-acknowledge the AUP to continue using the platform. This ensures that all users are aware of and understand their responsibilities.

  • Feedback Mechanism:
  • Users will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the AUP through a designated channel. This feedback will be considered during the review process.